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What Are Life Transitions?

Everyone deals with transitions as they age. Whether it's a family member passing away, a divorce, a cross-country move, or something else, everyone has things outside of their normal everyday life that they need to deal with. These major changes can sometimes be hard to work through, however. Dr. Jessica Spiegelberg is here for you if you need help with these life transitions. At Good Day Psychiatry, Dr. Spiegelberg and her staff are compelled to help their neighbors in and around Clovis, NM and Seminole, TX to not only manage these changes but get through them with positivity and grace. For more information on how you can get help through your life transitions, contact our office in Lubbock, TX to schedule an appointment.

What Help Is Available For Life Transitions?

If you're going through a major life change, you don't have to be embarrassed if you need help navigating it. Many individuals who lose a loved one or are experiencing some other major change in life need a little help navigating their new situation. At Good Day Psychiatry, we help individuals get through specific periods of life. From learning how to cope with change to understanding triggers and how to navigate them, we can give you the tools you need to navigate through life's major changes. You may want to seek out help dealing with your life transition if you're experiencing:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Digestive issues
  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Loss of appetite
  • And more

These symptoms can indicate that you may benefit from talking to a professional, like Dr. Spiegelberg. Her expertise, compassion, and understanding of mental health can help you grieve, adjust, or move forward in a healthy, healing way.

Absolutely adore Jessica- she is warm, inviting, and a genuinely caring provider. Even when I leave Lubbock, I will continue to see Jessica since I know I won't find anyone better!

S.P. Google

I am the executive director of a substance abuse treatment center. I want to say that Jessica is simply amazing! We have referred multiple people to her at Good Day Psychiatry and been extremely impressed. She has been so attentive and taken great care of each one of them. Her professionalism, customer service, and expertise in psychiatry is a blessing to the Lubbock area. Thanks you!!!!

R.C. Google

Highly recommend, Jessica. She is a compassionate human being who truly cares about the well-being of others.

M.V. Google

I have had the pleasure of having a collegial relationship with Dr. Spiegelberg, NP for several years. I am a psychologist, and I met Dr. Spiegelberg, NP when she previously worked as a psychiatric provider at TTU Student Health Services. In our clinic, Dr. Spiegelberg, NP had the reputation of being highly skilled, responsible, and a pure joy to work with. Although I no longer share the same clinical space with her, I am happy to collaborate to this day with shared patients. I have been consistently impressed with the dedication and care she puts into her clinical work. She cuts no corners; she puts in her all. I recommend Dr. Spiegelberg, NP as a psychiatric provider with no reservations for her expertise, conscientiousness, and compassionate attitude towards patients.

Anonymous Vitals

Jessica Speigelberg is an excellent provider that helps make navigating mental health services easy to understand. She also listens to patients to guide and direct care with patient input as her priority. After years of various providers I have been most pleased with Spiegelberg and highly recommended her for mental health services.

V. Google


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Get Through The Big Changes In Life

If you've recently experienced a death in the family, job loss, a big move, or another major life transition, don't be afraid to seek out help in order to cope with these situations. A big change can be a little bit overwhelming, and sometimes, it helps to have a trusted partner to help you navigate the change. Dr. Jessica Spiegelberg is here to be that person for you. Contact Good Day Psychiatry in Lubbock, TX to request a consultation.

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